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Goetz Excavation, along with our parent company, Goetz Irrigation Services, can handle all types of water services.

Some of the common projects we do are trench digging for underground pipe. We also put in a lot of wire and communication devices for the T-L irrigation systems. Connecting water fittings and risers to pivots are other regular projects we do.

Other areas of expertise are horizontal wells and dewatering systems. We do all the site prep and benching for the horizontal wells so they will work properly when they are installed. Once the horizontal wells are installed, we then come back and level off the top.

Sometimes, site are really wet, so we install some dewater devices so we are able to dry out the areas and do site work and prep work for pads.

Additionally, we work with Goetz Landscaping to complete some of the sprinkler systems and landscaping work on commercial projects once they are completed.