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In the early days, Luke initially started doing site work as a side business to keep his machinery busy year round when he wasn’t doing underground work with his landscaping and irrigation businesses. He did quality work on those side jobs, which created a more constant demand for excavation and site work that eventually led to the creation of Goetz Excavation as its own entity.

Now, using a combination of traditional bulldozers, excavators, compacter rollers, skid steers and trucks plus new technology such as personal drone aircraft, Goetz Excavation can handle just about any type or size of project.

Some of the larger projects we’ve completed include site work for new locations of Gordmans, Hobby Lobby, Taco Bell, Dollar Tree and Panda Express. In these type of projects, we bring in sand and stone so that the site is level and then the bricklayers can come in and start doing the block work.

Other types of site work projects we do include digging out basements for homes or businesses and leveling land for driveways or parking lots.