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Tree clearing is one of the first types of excavation work we used our first excavator for and it continues to be a service Goetz Excavation excels at.

We found that when we were putting in irrigation systems, we would have trees and other types of plants and roots that had to be removed before he could install center-pivot irrigation so we would rip them out. Goetz Excavation still works hand-in-hand with the irrigation side for this type of work, but also can be called upon for other reasons.

Whether you want to expand your farmable acres, have some dead or infected trees that need to be removed or just want to get rid of those pesky trees at the edge of your fields, Goetz Excavation is here to do the job quickly and professionally. Once we remove them, we will pile them up for burning or disposal.

Goetz Excavation also removes trees as part of our site preparation for commercial or residential projects.

No job is too big or too small.