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Indiana utility service

Goetz Excavation can handle any type of utility work from water to electrical to sewage. We have the equipment that is required to correctly complete such jobs as putting water service into a new business or home, installing grease traps for commercial businesses, tying into an existing sewer line, building drainage basins that tie into sewage systems, digging trenches for electrical services, plumbing water systems and much more. Our electricians have a vast amount of experience, although most of their work has been on installing irrigation systems.

One of our newest pieces of technology we are using to help make things work more efficiently is drone aircraft, which enables us to get overview shots and videos to monitor progress and see things from a view we never have before.

All jobs are different, so if you have an idea of what you want, please contact us as our team has extensive experience in utility work and will strive to do an excellent job completing the task at hand.